Quality & Pricing

Quality is a word synonymous with Grocery Factory and we take pride in our stringent quality standards. We go to great lengths and take the utmost care and precaution to ensure that our customers get nothing but the very best of all our products and interactions. We have a dedicated team for quality management to ensure we deliver. Our pricing would be the best as we are an in-house brand.

Quality standards that we practice at Grocery Factory

Sourcing: Our team takes great pains to locate and source only the finest available raw products with direct sourcing where possible.

Vendor Selection: We only deal with suppliers who trade ethically. We do not deal with the grey market or sources that have a poor reputation.

Storage: We store our products at recommended conditions and ideal temperatures, ensuring adequate filtered air circulation.

Stock Check: We carefully mark product expiration and do a stringent check for expiry dates each month.

Handling: All our factory, warehouse and store assistants wear gloves and hairnets compulsorily while handling food. Equipment and fixtures are sanitized at regular intervals with food grade cleaners at scheduled intervals.

Return Policy: In the unlikely event that the products purchased from us do not fulfill our quality commitments, we would be happy to replace or exchange the products purchased or refund the money to the customer.